Best AIO Water Coolers Review

6. Thermaltake WATER 3.0 Dual Riing RGB high static pressure Fans
The design of this liquid CPU cooler is attractive to anyone who demands superior performance. The Thermaltake is the best water cooling kit because it offers solid and excellent features at a very reasonable price. This unit has a RGB double effect radiator fan designed to offer maximum performance and with its intelligent fan controller, you can switch between 5 LED colors, including red, green, white, yellow and blue, as well as a cycle of 256 colors . It has functions such as playback and pause to allow you to control the unit and the controller to control the speed and noise levels.

Another interesting feature of this unit is its simple installation process together with a totally maintenance free operation. In addition, this Thermaltake pump is highly reliable and is designed to allow optimal and efficient water circulation around the system, effectively cooling the plate, which is necessary for the effective performance of the unit. The plate is produced from high performance copper that accelerates its thermal conductivity. Also, you do not need to worry about replacing liquids because your coolant is pre-charged.

In addition, this Thermaltake is capable of the intense heat emitted by its processor, thanks to its 240 mm radiator. In addition, its double 120mm fans offer optimal cooling performance thanks to its high-quality built-in static high-pressure technology.

If you have a high-end CPU, it is worth considering the efficient and reliable Thermaltake CL-W107-PL12SW-A, especially because it is a liquid cooling all-in-one. Its excellent features and highly competitive price make it a good purchase. However, you should keep in mind that your installation process is a little complicated, especially if it is the first time.

7. Noctua NH-D15 6 heatsink with 140 mm Dual NF-A15 fans

In its quest to achieve the perfect silent cooling performance, Noctua decided to upgrade the legendary NH-D14. The result is the new improved Noctua NH-D15, which is among the best liquid cooling systems currently available in the market. It is a world class twin tower cooler designed to deliver even under the highest demands. The NH-D15 now has two top-quality NF-A15 fans that measure 140 mm and support PMW to allow the unit to automatically control its speed. In addition, the unit also comes with the trusted NT-H1 thermal compound from Noctua, so it offers optimal heat dissipation. Despite its ability to deliver itself perfectly, this unit does not make noise during operation.

In addition, compared to traditional heat sinks with a tower, this unit has six heatpipes designed by experts that have been divided into two parts to create more surface. This also allows the NH-D15 to achieve greater heat distribution and unrivaled airflow efficiency when configured in dual fan mode. Its fins have been lowered to allow a clearance of up to 64 mm when using high memory heat sinks in single fan mode. Therefore, this CPU cooling unit is compatible with most modern RAM modules available today.

8. EVGA CLC 280 liquid / water CPU cooler, RGB LED cooling 400-HY-CL28-V1

There is no doubt that EVGA CLC 280 is easily the best AIO water cooler available in the market today. Its specially designed fans are designed to offer perfect cooling with the least possible noise. This is because their blades are specially designed to provide optimal cooling, while the housing of the unit is curved to reduce the noise it generates. This means that you can sit next to him and play for hours without your ears overloading with unwanted sounds.

In addition, the EVGA CLC 280 is very easy to install, even if you are a novice. You can select the color you want in your unit, thanks to its RGB lighting. The RGB light can also indicate when the temperature is heating up and when it has cooled down; Blue represents cool, while red means hot. But you should not worry because the light will never turn red. In addition, the entire unit is well protected with elegant and enveloping appearance tubes, which covers from the radiator to the CPU block. Best AIO Water Coolers Review